Les Hachana begins with our family and evokes our memories of shared holidays under the Tunisian sun, learning about our unique heritage. We want to share that journey and our roots with you through beautiful and traditionally made home decor, bringing this warmth into your home.

Every product in our shop embodies our commitment to that age-old craftsmanship with at its core sustainability, quality and aesthetics.


Les Hachana offers you the unique possibility to fill your home with exceptional quality and sustainable textiles and decoration.

Dive into our collection of foutas, lovingly made in Tunisia from 100% cotton. Each piece is meticulously handwoven to offer you an unparalleled feeling of softness while respecting the environment.

Our candles consist of 100% natural soy wax and are hand-poured in Turkey. They emit significantly fewer toxins and ensure a healthier environment on every level.


Our foutas are a celebration of Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage. Despite their initial practical purpose as hammam towels, over the centuries they’ve grown into a luxurious item for any spa ritual, a quick-drying colourful beach accessory or pareo and an elegant addition to your interior as bed throw or plaid.

Les Hachana offers many variations on the classic fouta: choose from an extensive range of colours that meet your personal style, combined with your favourite weaving method (flat, honeycomb, herringbone, …).